№3 (33) 2013 - Юридический журнал Правовое государство: теория и практика

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№3 (33) 2013

№3 (33) 2013

  • Problems of formation of the rule of law in Russia
  • Conclusions and recommendations of the conference
  • The history of corruption and modernity
  • The dialectic of the rule of law


Evidence - based state


Scientifically based state

International conference proceedings “Problems of the rule-of-law state formation in Russia” Plenary session reports

Velieva D.S. Human rights protection: rule-of-law state stabdards

Presnyakov M.V. Restriction of citizen’s rights and freedoms in the rule-of-law state

Sattarova N.A. The rule-of-law state and anti-inflation legislation

Nigmatoullin R.V. Legal policy of the modern state in the sphere of combating international criminality

Prokopovich G.A. Cleptocracy as the highest form of corruption

Khairoullin V.I. Terminological field of the rule-of-law state



Solovyev S.G. Some theoretical and practical problems connected with the adoption of Municipal Code of the Russian Federation

Starostina S.A. Maintenance of ethnic and confessional safety as a precondition of the rule-of-law state formation in Russia

Kiyko A.Yu. Theoretical, legal and political aspects of the contemporary status of drug business in Russia and in the world

Usmanova R.M. Forms of direct democracy at the local level

Asanov R.F., Ivanyutina E.V. Taxation of income obtained by criminal means as a destructive element to the rule-of-law state foundations

Fairushina R.D. Tactics of questioning of underage witnesses in drug trafficking cases

Kazarinov Yu.L., Shagabutdinova I.V. On the need for special training of teaching staff in boarding institutions on prevention of drug, psychotropic and superpotent substances consumption among pupils

Arslanov A.F., Mustafina G.M. Some issues of implementation of legislative and organisational legal measures aimed at countering the narcotisation of the Russian population

Kornelyuk O.V. Theory and practice of security ensuring of criminal procedure participants in the Russian FSKN

Belozertsev L.N., Pestrikov V.A. Increase of information security when processed on a personal computer

Aminev F.G. On the improvement of legislation on forensic expertise

Daukayev I.M., Zhuravlenko N.I. History of combating corruption in pre-revolutionary Russia

Adou Yao Nikez. Rule of law as a basis in fighting against extremism and dealing with conflicts between ethnic groups

Akimova Yu.M. Principles of conflict regulation in the private international law


Côte d'Ivoire and Russia: historical and political segments analogy


Yakovets E.N., Avdashkevich L.A., Tyuryaeva E.A. Use of informational and analytical methods to identification detection and investigation of corruption crimes

Timerbayev T.A. System of checks and balances in the rule-of-law state: the Russian mechanism
Gabitov I.M. Institutional aspects of pension reform in Russia

Absalyamov I.S. Diversity of approaches towards the legal culture characterisation

Sharipova E.A. Constitutional legal status of a person in the context of restriction of ..rights issue

Ponomaryova N.A., Gumarova R.R. Legal groundwork of state and municipal services in the regions

Ivleva T.V. Children ombudsman in the Republic of Bashkortostan as an effective institution of children rights protection

Gluschenko A.V. Upbringing of children is one of the main tasks of society and state

Sultanova E.M. Professional ethics of a subject of legal action as a functional system

Karimov A.A. To the issue of legal and organizational forms of atmosphere protection improvement




ISSN 2500-0217 / Включен в Перечень ВАК