№3 (29) 2012 - Юридический журнал Правовое государство: теория и практика

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№3 (29) 2012

№3 (29) 2012

  • The doctrine of the rule of law
  • Rights and the protection of nature
  • Civil society and the state of law
  • Nature Network Rules


Improving State


I would like to speak about drivers of our living

Rayanov F.M. 
Doctrine of state and law: origins, incidence and problems in Russia
Gerasimov A.P., Maksimova Ye.V.
On the legal category of “economic security”
Sattarova N.A.
Financial policy of a modern state
Kolobova G.A. 
On the present-day status of political and legal mechanisms of the Russian economy regulation

Safina G.F.
On the history of patronship development in Russia in the second half of the 19th – first half of the 20thcentury

Brinchuk M.M. 
Conception of civil legislation development from the ecologist point of view
Gizzatullin R.Kh. 
Ecological function of the state and the Russian Constitution
Karimov R.R., Romanov A.A. 
Environment protection: legislation and departmental normal legal acts of Republic of Bashkortostan government bodies

Strelnikov V.V. 
Problems of information support in the prosecution bodies of the Russian Federation
Galiev F.F.
Prosecutor’s protest as an act of law enfocement

Urazaeva L.F.
Healthcare legislation development in the Republic of Bashkortostan

Safronov K.Yu. 
The rule-of-law state: a view from Poland

Arutyunyan M.S., Mukhortov A.A.

Theoretical legal analysis of bureaucracy: nature, substance, manifestation
Abakumova T.I. 
On the issues of network law and legislation
Muratova A.R. 

Representation as an institute of civil society.
Valitova L.I. 
Development of information legislation in the Russian Federation.


Civil society and rule-of-law state against the background of world historical development of the humanity.



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Rayanov F.M.



The article views the unknown for the domestic reader and mostly debatable aspects of rule-of-law state theory. For the first time in the post-Soviet legal science a rethought conception of the rule-of-law state is given grounds. Special attention is paid to the problems accumulated in the theory and practice of the rule-of-law state in Russia.

Keywords: rule-of-law state, sources of rule-of-law state, esssence of rule-of-law state, problems of rule-of-law state in Russia.

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Gerasimov A.P., Maksimova Ye.V.


The article the actuality questions of economic security. In this article authors reveals the concept of "economic security" and considers correlation of economic security and law.

Keywords: security, economic security, correlation of economic security and law.
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Sattarova N.A.


Under current conditions of market relations finances play a crucial role in society. Optimization of the mechanism of regulation of the financial system, the use of the financial policy of the state law allows the funds to establish an effective mechanism for financial support of the state and society

Keywords: financial system, government, money funds, tax policy, law, financial control, financial and law enforcement.

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Kolobova G.A.


Political legal mechanisms are considered by the author as the major state toolkit of economy regulation. An attempt of the political legal analysis of features of formation, development and qualitative characteristics of the legislation regulating economic relations during political and economic transformation is undertaken in the article.

Keywords: political state strategy, transformation of economic relations, political documents, political legal mechanisms, legislation

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Safina G.F.


The article is devoted to the history of patronship in Russia since the establishment of Russian statehood till the first charitable organizations in the XIX-XX centuries, when the patronage activity flourishes. Main reasons for the emergence and development of patronship in Russia are viewed.

Key words: Patronship, charity, public charity, the nobility

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Brinchuk M.M.


The article investigates negative consequences for nature, society and state caused by realisation of authors’ of civil legislation development conception position, proposing “look a little bit differently on private and public elements correlation in the civil law”.

Keywords: law, legislation, civil legislation development conception, private property, society, state, ecological legislation, land, natural resourses.

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Gizzatullin R.Kh.


The article provides a scientific analysis of the constitutional provisions which, in the opinion of the author, establishe the state's obligation to implement the environmental functions, as well as defining its settings.

Keywords: Constitution of the Russian Federation, the ecological function of the state, the parameters of ecological functions of the state, protection of the environment, rational use of natural resources, management of natural resources in the interests of the society, environmental human rights.

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Karimov R.R., Romanov A.A.


The article is devoted to the legislative provision of environmental protection in the Republic of Bashkortostan. Highlights the various regulations affecting environmental issues. The data of a sociological survey conducted by the authors. Put forward proposals to improve the ecological framework.

Keywords: ecology, environmental protection, ecological culture, ecological framework.

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V.V. Strelnikov.


In the scientific publication organizational aspects of information support and information of bodies of the Russian Office of Public Prosecutor are investigated. On the basis of the analysis of the current legislation and opinions of leading scientists in this area practical decisions of the existing problems connected with improvement of information interchange between Offices of Public Prosecutor and perfection of interaction with the public are offered
Keywords: Office of Public Prosecutor, public prosecutor's supervision, the information, office secret, data of the limited access, publicity, information cooperation

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Galiev F.F.


The article deals with the features of law enforcement activity as one of the types of enforcement - the authoritative activity of competent bodies and officials in the preparation and adoption of the individual decision on the legal case.

Authoritative power can be exercised in the form of operational executive and law enforcement activities.

The prosecutor’s protest as an act of the prosecutorial response to the wrongful act of the state or other agencies and appropriate officials, which contains a motivated demand for its abolition or adjustment to the law bears a direct relation to law enforcement.

In the form of the protest, the prosecutor makes a legally relevant claim concerning violation of the law, which manifests in the issuing of the unlawful act by the appropriate agency or official, and seeks the restoration of the violated right.

Keywords: legal regulation, realization of the right, application of the right, acts of the prosecutorial response, prosecutor’s protest.

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Urazaeva L.F.



The dynamics of political and economic development of the Russian Federation over the last few years shows that today the state is able to pay more attention to the problems in health care. One of the conditions necessary for health care reform is to create a stable legal framework. The legal regulation of health care in Republic of Bashkortostan in recent years contributed to the creation of a large block of legislation aimed at realization of citizens' constitutional rights to health and medical care. This will be discussed in this article.

Keywords: Health, law, health protection, the constitutional right to health.

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Research papers:
Arutyunyan M.S., Mukhortov A.A.



Authors carried out theoretical research of essence and value of bureaucracy as political and legal phenomenon, characteristic features of bureaucratization of society, the state and its separate structures are revealed. Value of rational bureaucracy is shown. Within article experience of formation and regulation of process of bureaucratization of state power structures of some foreign a camp is considered.
Keywords: bureaucracy, power, state, government apparatus, state power system, state power bodies.
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The article author offers his own definition to the term «law network» and suggests new methods of implementation of network law in the sphere of investment.

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In the article development of the information legislation, since the Soviet period to the present stage is considered. A special attention is given to the draft laws on the right to information and the Federal law «On ensuring access to information on activity of public authorities and local government».

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