№ 3 (13) 2008 - Юридический журнал Правовое государство: теория и практика

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№ 3 (13) 2008

№ 3 (13) 2008

  • Foreign investments amid the economic sovereignty of the state
  • Actual problems of legal regulation of cooperative relations
  • Doctrinal foundations of the legal protection of the environment
  • Ismail Gasprinskii - the founder of the Muslim peoples of Legal Education


Problems of modernization of the State and Law

Materials of enlarged session of editorial board of journal "Jural state: theory and practice" which initiated to inclusion of journal by Higher Attestation Commission (VAK) in list of leading scientific journal and periodicals, in which it is recommended to publicise principal conclusions from doctoral and master's theses

Farhutdinov I. Z.

Foreign investments and economic sovereignity
Arzamasov Y. G.
Actual problem of a legal regulation of the institution of consumer s co-operation
Viphanova V. G.
Doctrine s foundation of information legal safeguard of a nature management and environmental protection
Barkov A. V.
Contract of social assistance in system of social services
Gabitov M. R.
Regularity of formation of western statehood as a basis of coordination of general-theoretical legal discipline
Karhalev D. N.
Protective legal relation according to implementation percent interest per annum
Shamsutdinov E. R.
Become ecological of legislation in the movement conception of sustainable development
Kuramshina A. M.
Stage of implementation of powers in a region of communication by local government

Kamilova B. D.

Ismail Gasprinskii — founder of law enlightenment of Muslim nations of the Russian Empire

Roman M. Y.

Overall performance of the edict of the Russian Empire: historical experience
Haertdinova R. Sh.
Features of a legal regime of wildlife
Gizetdinova I. Y.
Category "public policy" in system of private international law:interpretation and application



ISSN 2500-0217 / Включен в Перечень ВАК