№ 2 (8) 2007 - Юридический журнал Правовое государство: теория и практика

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№ 2 (8) 2007

№ 2 (8) 2007

  • Problems of formation of the rule of law in Russia
  • Mathematical models in the implementation of the rule of law
  • The genesis of the Russian bureaucracy


Improving State

Rayanov F.M.

Law - governed State in Russia: for or...?
Gazizov R.R.
Mathematical models in bringing law - governed state principles into life
Lukmanov H.H., Shtanova A.V.
Will Russia become a democratic law - governed state?
Suleimanov N.T., Suleimanova A.N.
Law of Intellectual Property: concept and problems

Bashkir State University, Neftekamsk Branch
Valitov O.K.
Genesis of Russian bureaucracy: history and present day
Asanov R.F., Akhmetov S.F.
Practice of lost profit levying in the work of International Commercial Arbitrage related to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russia Federation
Asanov R.F.
Territorial organization of local self - government in the 2-nd half of the XlX-th century
Ivanyutina E.V.
On the necessity of understanding of property qualification as rate gratification (based on the example of city's self - government bodies in the second half of the XlX-th century)

Scientific conference in the of the Neftekamsk Branch Bashkir State University

75-th anniversary of professor Z.D. Enikeev

Sokolova I.L.

Coordinating the interests of Federation and those of its subjects - a basic principle of federative state economic function
Galikeeva I.G.
From law - governed state to international law and order
Khairullin I.R.
Ethnic essence of law



ISSN 2500-0217 / Включен в Перечень ВАК